Catspaw Cushions

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is a Colorado based company that makes locally handcrafted yoga and meditation accessories.  Our main product line is zafus (meditation cushions/yoga props).

A translation of zafu is a cushion for sitting, where “za” means “sitting” or “to sit,” and “fu” means “cushion, bolster, a long pillow or cushion that provides support”; it can also mean “strengthen, reinforce, boost, fortify, or renew.” Catspaw zafus are stuffed with traditional organic buckwheat hulls.  We also offer neck wraps (hot/cold).  They are approximately 24″ x 5.”   The pillow has five individual compartments (to make it foldable), and the outside cover can be washed.  Our eye pillows are about 9″ x 4.”  Wraps and pillows are both filled with organic millet – another kind of grain.

Lisa Griffin-Seidel, RYT and owner

Lisa Griffin-Seidel

I’ve been practicing yoga for over 19 years, and am now a certified Structural Yoga Teacher.  My Teacher is Zoe Kowalchuk.

Structural Yoga seeks to adapt yoga to fit your body’s abilities.  It also teaches Vinyasa (the practice of flowing transition between poses), breath work, and developing strength through asanas (poses).

I continue to expand my yoga knowledge by attending workshops, classes and monthly Sadhana (“journey”) with local, national and international teachers.  Most recently, I have attended the Iowa City Yoga Festival, the Estes Park, CO Yoga Journal Conference, and the Denver Chant Fest.  I am also on the board of Yoga Teachers of Colorado.

Yoga is very grounding for me.  As I have gotten older, and busier with a wider variety of tasks, my practice keeps me centered.  Before focusing my time and energy on teaching yoga, I worked as a photographer at newspapers and exhibited art shows at galleries.  Now, I’m helping guide 2 energetic boys.