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At Catspaw Yoga we teach Structural Yoga -  Structural Yoga seeks to adapt yoga to fit your body's abilities.  It is yoga adapted to your body - not everyone else's - and seeks to align your body within its limits.  Structural Yoga also emphasizes Vinyasa (the practice of flowing transition between poses), breath work, and developing strength through asana(poses)

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Wheat Ridge Studio

Catspaw Yoga is located in Wheat Ridge, Colorado directly off I-70 between Wadsworth and Kipling. It's a quick drive from Arvada, Lakewood, Northwest Denver, Golden and Westminster.   4430 Cody Street Wheat Ridge, CO 80033 Tel: 303-431-9870 Email:


Catspaw will be closed May 27 - June11. Classes resume June at 9am




6:30-7:30am    resumes June 14


7:00-8:00am begins June16 9:00-10:00am 3:00-4:00pm

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20 classes  $180.00 10 classes  $100.00 6 classes 78.00 Drop-ins  $15.00 If these times don't work for you, let me know what does. Four people make a class. Private Sessions Available - Yoga at your work place - Yoga Parties  
Our life is an apprenticeship to the truth that 'round every circle another can be drawn; that there is no end in nature, but every end is a beginning, and under every deep a lower deep opens.
Ralph Waldo Emerson
Thanks for visiting Catspaw Yoga and Catspaw Cushions. We offer a variety of yoga classes focusing primarily on structural yoga and we also manufacture our own meditation supplies. We are located near I-70 between Wadsworth and Kipling - a short drive from most anywhere in the Front Range! You can find our contact information below and please don't hesitate to leave feedback. Catspaw Yoga has been offering yoga classes for the past 5 years. Lisa Griffin-Seidel is the the owner and instructor. We've also introduced our own line of meditation products which you can locate at our store here. Catspaw takes pride in both our classes the products we manufacture and your feedback and comments are welcome. Our classes offer a very personalized approach to yoga, yoga that adapts to the individual. Griffin-Seidel is a certified Structural Yoga Teacher. Her focus is targeted yoga adapted to each individuals abilities. You can find us on Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook and we would love to hear from you!

Catspaw Cushions

We also handcraft beautiful meditation cushions right here at our location. Please visit our products at the Catspaw Cushion Store. Catspaw Cushions is a Colorado based company that makes locally handcrafted yoga and meditation accessories. Our primary product line are zafus (meditation cushions/yoga props). In simple translation, a zafu is a cushion for sitting, where "za" means "sitting" or "to sit," and "fu" means "cushion, bolster, a long pillow or cushion that provides support"; it can also mean to "strengthen, reinforce, boost, fortify, or renew." Visit Catspaw Cushions

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For more information on our classes and normal schedule, please visit our Yoga Schedule here.

Wheat Ridge Studio

4430 Cody Street Wheat Ridge, CO 80033 Tel: 303-431-9870 Email:


We truly value everyone who make Catspaw Yoga and Catspaw Cushions a special place. Below you'll find some of the testimonials written by our customers.  
"I'm so grateful that I said test to coming and giving yoga a try.  It's been three weeks and I'm feeling great!  I had a problem with tight hips but Lisa had me do a pose that enabled me to open m hips and she also gave me a hand out to take home to keep working on getting my hips to move easier.  Love this class"  Holly
I was attracted to Catspaw because the instructor taught "structural yoga". In class she advises each student in how to maximize the benefit of a posture for there body. She has a depth of knowledge that she shares in a sensitive and caring way. It has improved my at home practice!
-Ruth A
Of all the yoga classes I have participated in, Lisa's classes at Catspaw Yoga have been one of the more welcoming and low pressure. I always feel so grounded and positive after one of her classes. I would definitely recommend Catspaw for any newcomers to yoga or anyone nervous about starting up again after a hiatus!
-S Burley
Personal attention makes Lisa's classes at Catspaw Yoga perfect for the beginner and great for someone returning to yoga classes. Lisa has a solid knowledge base of structural yoga and is skilled at identifying individual needs and advises students on adjustments to poses to fit their needs. The positive and comfortable atmosphere at Catspaw Yoga leaves one with a calm and focused feeling to guide your day. Thanks Lisa!
-Susie R
Beautiful cushions and products, wonderful studio, and great owner! Lisa is the best!
-Kelly B
I purchased a zafu from Catspaw Cushions and was incredibly impressed...not only by the cushion's quality, but the great customer service that Lisa provided. She let me choose the cushion's height, shape and color. She also welcomed me back for additional cushion filling if and when my cushion ever starts to sag. You can't go wrong with Catspaw!